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Was ist CAPTAN?

CAPTAN is a fungicide used to treat plant fungal diseases. It is a contact fungicide, meaning it works by attacking and destroying the cell walls of fungi. CAPTAN is a proven and effective fungicide used in a variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, grains, and wine.

CAPTAN's active ingredients

CAPTAN contains two active ingredients: Merpan and Malvin. Merpan is an organic sulfite that attacks the cell walls of fungi. Malvin is an organic amine that attacks the cell membranes of fungi.


Merpan is the main active ingredient in CAPTAN. It is an organic sulfite that attacks the cell walls of fungi by breaking down the cross-linking of cellulose molecules. This weakens the cell wall and eventually leads to its destruction.


Malvin is an organic amine that attacks the cell membranes of fungi by increasing the permeability of the membranes. This leads to a loss of nutrients and water from the cells, eventually leading to the death of the fungi.

Application of CAPTAN

CAPTAN is available in the form of suspensions, emulsions, or granules. It can be applied to the leaves or soil. The dosage depends on the crop and the fungal disease to be treated.

Effectiveness spectrum of CAPTAN

CAPTAN is effective against a broad spectrum of fungal diseases, including:

  • Powdery mildew

  • Rust

  • Leaf spot diseases

  • Gray mold

  • Downy mildew

Safety precautions

CAPTAN is a relatively safe fungicide. However, it is important to follow the instructions on the label to avoid health hazards.

To the contact form and other interesting products:

Other interesting products:


OLIOCIN PLUS EW801 is an oil-based emulsifiable concentrate that is used to control scab, powdery mildew, spider mites, and other pests in apple production. The product is enriched with 80% paraffin oil and 20% emulsifier.


Promalin is an agricultural product made from natural ingredients. It is a liquid fertilizer that provides plants with nutrients and protects them from diseases and pests.


CIDELY is a fungicide developed by Syngenta for the protection of plants from fungal diseases. The product is effective against a range of diseases, including powdery mildew, rust, leaf spots, and brown rot.

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